Dow Microbial Control gains US EPA approval for KATHON 7 TL Antimicrobial

Dow Microbial Control, a business group of The Dow Chemical Company has received approval from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for its innovative, solid form of KATHON™ Antimicrobial.

KATHON 7 TL Antimicrobial solid tablets are packaged in a water-soluble film that dissolves rapidly with no residue, significantly reducing potential user contact with the active ingredients while providing the same trusted performance of the globally proven and recognised liquid KATHON antimicrobials.

KATHON 7 TL Antimicrobial is the only solid product made with the active ingredients CMIT/MIT (Chloromethyl-methylisothiazolone) on the market. Formulated with 7 percent active ingredient, the solid form and the protective wrapper provide several advantages:

• Easy dosing with a lower risk of exposure than poured liquid products • Tablets sized for small-to-medium cooling systems • Easier transportation than bulky liquids • Less space needed for storage • Convenient option for slug dosing due to fast dissolution

“We’re excited to introduce KATHON 7 TL Antimicrobial tablets to the US market,” said Judy Betancur, Dow Microbial Control’s global strategic marketing manager for water. “The tablets offer service companies the same trusted performance levels and efficacy as traditional KATHON liquids. This versatile product provides broad-spectrum microbial control of microbial biofilms, bacteria, fungi and algae in a wide range of small and medium-sized water cooling towers and related applications. Our U.S. customers now have a terrific new tool in their antimicrobial toolkit that they can use.”