Dexwet air filtration technology now available in US

Dexwet’s Pure Air Filters, the company’s latest air filtration technology are now available to HVAC and facility service providers for residential and commercial installation in the US.

Dexwet's COO, Clemens Sparowitz demonstrates Dexwet Pure Air Filters
Dexwet's COO, Clemens Sparowitz demonstrates Dexwet Pure Air Filters - Image: Dexwet

The new filters are proven to improve air quality by capturing hazardous ultra-fine dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and other airborne particles that can cause health problems. Unlike traditional fibre filters, Dexwet uses scientific principles of airflow to channel air through a maze of plastic rods that permanently capture airborne particles in a non-toxic oil solution while allowing pure, clean air to flow through. Dexwet Pure Air Filters can be custom sized for placement on outflow or inflow vents, making them suitable for homes, businesses, educational facilities, and all shared enclosed rooms.  

Dexwet filters do not compete with any existing form of air filters but rather complement other air filters and air purifiers, potentially increasing the efficiency and life of those products. They can be washed and reinstalled for a lifetime of use. The technology is sustainable, customisable, and flexible, employing ultra-thin materials and compact packaging.

Gregory Scott Newsome, chief financial officer and board director of Dexwet Air Filters said: “We are excited to see Dexwet enter a new chapter with this North American expansion. Our goal is to ultimately deliver superior indoor air quality and prevent airborne virus transmissions worldwide.”