Desal system features new solar cell


The Smart Solar Desalination system provides integration of a photovoltaic (PV) system based on bifacial monocrystalline silicon N-type cell modules, a horizontal single-axis tracker and diesel generator to support the system in the event of excess energy demand or shortage of solar radiation.

The desalination system is designed to work 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7 and can reportedly produce around 1000 m3/day of drinking water with a daily energy consumption of about 3.600 kWh of which more than 3.000 kWh are supplied from solar. The actual energy requirement is just 0.43 kWh/m3 of drinking water produced, compared to 2.98 kWh/m3 produced by traditional system powered by a generator or from the electricity grid, according to the company.

The system covers the entire desalination cycle, from abstraction and filtering to desalination of sea water by a process of reverse osmosis (RO), storage in tanks and distribution of drinking water using pumps.