Depth filter separates metallic catalysts

The Begerow filter works by bonding expensive metallic catalysts such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum to a carrier material (e.g. activated carbon), fully separating them from the reaction product without losses, and returning them to the process. As very fine catalyst components are also removed, the very high purity of the mineral-free BECOPAD and the strong reduction in extractable ions ensure maximum purity of the end product. This filter medium also offers very high chemical and mechanical resistance when filtering aggressive solutions.

As the activity of the catalyst gradually becomes exhausted as the number of reaction cycles increases, it may be necessary to separate it via filtration followed by the processing of valuable metals. Due to the high bursting strength, the catalyst adhering to the activated carbon can easily be handled as filter cake. By using BECOPAD the exhausted catalyst can be almost fully recovered after ashing, as this depth filter has virtually no ash content.

Begerow will also be presenting BECO integra plate OEP, its recent development in the field of process technology, at the show. This new automatable filtration system consists of a sealed multi-sheet filter with a seal-less filter packet. The filter is CIPable, which means that it meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, making it suitable for process steps in the production of plasma proteins.