DEC Star system increases HVAC efficiency

DEC Star.
DEC Star.

The DEC Star system combines patented technologies of Genteq HEB blowers and axial flux Genteq motors, which Regal says improves efficiency for HVAC appliances, and reduces input wattage by 15 to 35 percent over standard blowers with traditional ECM motors. The DEC removes the motor from the blower inlet and eliminates restriction to improve the system efficiency of furnaces, fan coil units, packaged units, and ground coupled heat pumps. Previously available with a 10 in wheel diameter, Regal will demonstrate a new 9 in wheel diameter system at the AHR show, 25 – 27 January 2016, in Orlando. Both diameters are available in various widths.

The system’s unique design provides uniform airflow for improved heat transfer and reduced hot spots and pressure drop across the appliance. DEC Star uses proven industry standard impellers and typically fits the same mounting as existing blowers for easy retrofitting.

The DEC Star unit weighs less than 10 lbs. and achieves similar CFM results as bigger and higher rated blowers, the company claims. Paul Selking, HVAC business leader, Regal, says, “DEC Star’s compact, light configuration is already facilitating some exciting advancements for our OEM partners. It reduces velocity head losses in air handlers and provides balanced uniform airflow for improved heat transfer and reduced pressure loss in furnaces.”

At AHR, the DEC Star system will be demonstrated side-by-side with a standard blower and ECM radial flux motor. Attendees will be able to change parameters and operate it at higher/lower air flow rates to see the system’s advantages in real-time.