New Kimberly-Clark Filtration smart phone tool calculates energy costs of HVAC filters

The mobile analysis tool allows people to compare the energy costs and environmental impact (ie greenhouse gas emissions) of any two similar HVAC systems using different filters simply by entering data into an easy-to-use form. The tool then automatically calculates the energy costs and annual CO2 emissions of each system, showing the impact of filter selection.

“Filters play a major role in an HVAC system’s energy consumption,” explains Lon Edelman, CAFS, market manager, Kimberly-Clark Filtration. “The energy costs to operate an air filter can be up to 80% of the filter’s total lifecycle cost, and ten times the filter’s purchase price. That is why it is so crucial to pay attention to energy consumption, and not just the purchase price of a filter.”

The mobile analysis tool works with a range of smart phones and other mobile devices and is available for free via