Croft introduces self-cleaning filter to UK

Designed specifically for applications where an automatic continuous cleaning process is required, the robust filters are suitable for most liquids including lubricating oil, bitumen, petrol, paint and waste water. The cleaning process sees dirt scraped into a sludge chamber, from where it is then drained at appropriate intervals, while the filter is still in operation. This results in an absolute cleaning of the filter and, as drainage is controlled individually, the loss of medium is reduced to an absolute minimum. Neil Burns, director at Croft Filters, explained: “The continuous cleaning process offered by the HiFlux self-cleaning filter eliminates the need to shut an application down to manually clean or change a filter. “By reducing or avoiding downtime on a production line in this way, businesses can significantly reduce their operational costs and often find the savings made see the self-cleaning filter pay for itself within a few months.” Croft has been the UK’s sole distributor of HiFlux products since 2013.

Self-cleaning filter manufactured by HiFlux Filtration A/S, Denmark.