Cloth media filtration wins award

The award recognised the firm's work on the San Antonio water system’s Dos Rios water recycling centre tertiary filters project.

The San Antonio Water System sought to double capacity and replace existing tertiary filters at the Dos Rios water recycling centre. Conventional expansion was inefficient and costly. To reduce costs, CP&Y was able to adapt more efficient cloth media technology into the existing structure, doubling capacity within the same footprint by using the AquaDiamond cloth media filter from Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. The result is two to three times the flow capacity of a travelling bridge filter within an equivalent footprint. This new design saves over US $40 million and reduces water usage by 130 billion gallons over the life of the project.

The Dos Rios water recycling centre is now the world’s largest diamond cloth media filter installation, and the first to retrofit using a front-to-back arrangement.

Outstanding achievements

The Engineering Excellence Awards Competition has been held by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Texas since its inception in 1975 to recognise outstanding achievements within the engineering community.