CleanAlert's WiFi Filterscan aims to simplify HVAC maintenance

 The new WiFi-enabled Filtercan Air Filter Monitor from CleanAlert digitally alerts contractors, building operators and homeowners when a filter needs servicing by measuring differential pressure changes in a HVAC system.

The company says it is ideal for HVAC contractors servicing multiple residential communities, apartment buildings or national & regional contracts, the monitor can communicate air filter status to a personal computer, tablet, or smart phone. By taking the guesswork out of servicing filters, the Filterscan WiFi will 'optimise filter life while helping HVAC contractors, building owners and facility managers avoid higher energy bills, compromised air quality and costly repairs'. 

“We know that a clogged air filter is the primary cause of HVAC equipment failure and that eight of every 10 filters are not changed at the appropriate time," said Terry L Reavis, vice president sales and marketing for CleanAlert, which is based in Ohio, USA.

“The question of when to service an air filter has vexed contractors, homeowners, and building managers for years and many users have resorted to servicing their filters according to a schedule. Unfortunately this approach can lead to lost revenue and unnecessary material costs when filters are serviced too often.”