Filtrete unveils Bluetooth-enabled residential air filter

Filtrete™, a 3M brand, is introducing the Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter, a Bluetooth®-enabled HVAC air filter for the home.

The new filter is said to take the guesswork out of when it’s time for a filter change, and provides other information so homeowners can take control of their home’s air.

Filtrete Smart Air Filters contain a Bluetooth-enabled pressure sensor which, when paired with the new Filtrete Smart App, will notify users when the filter needs to be replaced based on air flow and usage, not just time.

The app also provides data on outside air quality and offers tips for helping to improve air quality indoors. Users can opt-in to specific smartphone notifications to alert them when it’s time to change their filter or even when outdoor air quality in their area is poor.

While the EPA recommends checking an air filter on a monthly basis and changing them at least quarterly, Filtrete research shows it’s not uncommon for consumers to wait much longer between filter changes.

“When we talk with consumers, many know their air filter is designed to last on average three months, but every home is unique.," says Amanda Dauphinais, Global Business Unit Manager, Filtrete Brand.  "Homeowners are unsure how their home’s environment impacts their indoor air and the optimal time to change their air filter. And, they often forget important details like their filter size and type when it is time to change.”

Features of the Filtrete Smart Air Filter and app include: 

  • Helpful reminders: the app remembers filter type and size and can send notifications to the user when it’s time for a replacement;
  • Filter life tracking: the app tracks filter life based on air flow and usage – not just elapsed time – utilising a proprietary 3M algorithm to determine filter life by balancing airflow and optimal particle capture efficiency; 
  • Simple filter replacement: the app can direct users to online retailers that carry the exact filter they need for easier repurchase and replacement;
  • Helpful information and tips: the app can display outdoor air quality information for multiple locations and provide tips to help improve indoor air quality;
  • Real-time indoor air quality readings: consumers can use the app to get real-time data on their indoor air quality by pairing it with a compatible indoor air quality monitor.