Chinese WWTF installs Toray's HFUG membranes

Toray's HFUG-2020AN installed at a water reuse facility.
Toray's HFUG-2020AN installed at a water reuse facility.

A large-scale wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) in Wuxi, China is using Toray Industries Inc’s HFUG ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology to purify water.

GreenTech Environmental Co Ltd, a provider of advanced membrane treatment solutions, selected Toray’s advanced high-surface-area HFUG-2020AN UF modules for the 34 000 metric ton facility.

On its durable Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane layer, the HFUG has a pore size of 0.01 micron, equivalent to one-fifth thousandth the diameter of a human hair, effectively removing suspended solids and microorganisms in the wastewater. Toray has applied proprietary fabrication methods to produce thinner hollow fibers while maintaining integrity and permeability. The thinner hollow-fibers in the HFUG result in an active membrane area of 90 sq m, a 25% increase on models with similar dimensions.

Toray says that the high-surface-area module requires less piping and valve components and an overall reduction of system real estate by 20%, significantly reducing capital costs.