Ceraflow ceramic filtration media introduced by Wateropolis

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Ceraflow granular media has been developed to be a direct replacement for other ceramic medias that were discontinued by industry suppliers in 2013. Ceraflow comes in two sizes and is a highly uniform, spherical media with a high surface area. Ceraflow is incredibly durable and has no predicted end of life therefore it never needs replacing.

“Ceraflow is a fired ceramic media that is designed for high rate pressure filtration applications. Its high operational loading rates and low backwash rates make it environmentally superior to other medias. Besides backwash water savings it has better overall particulate removal than conventional medias.” Says Derek French, President. “Ceraflow is an excellent, value added filtration product and our belief is that it will prove to outlast any other filter media in the market. Our plant is in full operation and inventory is in place allowing for short lead times“