Camfil APC unveils new dust collection controller

Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) has introduced its latest dust collection controller: the Gold Series Timer (GST).

Camfil's Gold Series Timer (GST).
Camfil's Gold Series Timer (GST).

GST is a user-friendly and easily applied solution for pulse-jet cleaning control of industrial dust collection systems including baghouse designs. The pulse output modules are seamlessly expandable to accommodate various solenoid valve types and dust collector sizes. Its integrated differential pressure sensor not only enables pulse-on-demand cleaning but also ensures high-pressure alarms for enhanced safety and extra pulsing modes as necessary.

Camfil's GST has a crystal clear UV resistant LCD display, settings and controls accessible from the front panel, and expandable analog and digital I/O. The diagnostic logic embedded in the system provides real-time alerts, ensuring swift response to pulse valve solenoid and diaphragm failures.

An optional GoldLink cellular connection is also offered, facilitating cloud-based remote monitoring of key dust collector parameters, giving users control and insight into their systems and enhancing overall operational performance.