GE guide to solve dust collection problems

Entitled Maximize efficiency. Minimize problems., GE says that the guide aims to suggest simple changes that could solve persistent baghouse filtration problems, or help a marginal system become more reliable and efficient.

The 52 page guide covers a wide range of general troubleshooting issues. These include: System design; Pickup points; Pulse-jet collectors; Reverse-air collectors; Shaker collectors; Primary dust removal equipment; Screw conveyors; Baghouse inlet design; Precoating systems; and Leak detection systems. Other sections of the guide highlight issues in key industry sectors – the cement, combustion, metals and process industries.

“The guide contains useful tools and tips for those with dust collection systems based on our over 40 years of experience in this sector,” explains Brian Vancrum, product general manager, Industrial Filtration Environmental Services. “We want to use our application knowledge to help customers improve the operation of their dust collection systems.”