ASCO Numatics enhances dust collector systems

Certified to ATEX Category II 2G/D Zone 1 + 2 for explosive areas, it has been introduced to meet the growing demand for valves for challenging environments in the agricultural, grain, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wood, plastics and cement industries. The valve has the same features as the existing aluminium version and is suitable for control with either remote ASCO pilot valves or an integral solenoid. The diaphragm pulse valve combines high flow, long life and extremely fast opening and closing to provide a reliable and cost effective solution. The valves are available as ¾, 1 and 1½ inch threaded versions and can be mounted in any position without affecting their operation. The series 353 pulse valve is part of a complete range of dust collector products from ASCO Numatics that includes power pulse valves, pilot valves, pilot boxes, sequential controllers, pressure differential modules, tank systems and air preparation equipment.