Camfil APC releases guide to educate on dust collector filters

Air filtration technology company Camfil APC has released a detailed guide on its blog aiming to help and inform the public about dust collector filters.

The guide - Dust Collector Filters: Frequently Asked Questions - covers answers to commonly asked questions and a diverse range of topics such as filter design, functionality and maintenance. Camfil APC is attempting to endorse a cleaner and safer environment and hope that this guide will benefit the public in providing helpful filtration solutions.

Dust collector filters have the capacity to handle huge volumes of dust and are self-cleaning, increasing conveniency as you would not be required to constantly replace it; which the guide delves into. The guide also discusses the company’s newly introduced HemiPleat and Gold Cone patented filter technologies that are expected to boost the performance of the dust collector filters and increase their lifespan.