Camfil Farr introduce the Gold Series High Vacuum dust collector

The GSHV is a heavily reinforced dust capture vessel designed for use as a central vacuum system, positive or negative product receiver or high pressure bin vent in a full range of industries and processes. The GSHV comes with a choice of two or four Gold Cone HemiPleat filter cartridges which are available in two efficiencies, 99.99% (MERV 11), or 99.000% (MERV 15/16) on 0.5 micron particles. A cyclonic tangential inlet knocks out most of the dust as it enters the collector, minimizing dust contact with the filters for prolonged service life.

Optional features of the GSHV from Camfil Farr include a horizontal explosion vent for combustible dust applications, a bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) access door and continous liner discharge for pharmaceutical or hazardous dusts, and a 55 gallon drum or self-dumping hopper for collection of discharged dust.