Nederman introduces L-series flexible dust collector

Since no manufacturing facility is the same, Nederman has designed the L-series dust collectors to be configurable to match a wide range of needs in collecting/recycling of dust, particulates, smoke and fumes. The L-series is based on different types of cartridge and bag filters, depending on the type of dust or particulates generated. Multiple types of filter medias are available that are matched to the type of contaminant to further maximize performance and filter life. After selecting the right filter media, the dust collector is configured with different sized panels to match filter type and airflow.

The L-series can be expanded to fulfil future process changes or new regulations. New filter modules can easily be added whenever increased filter capacity is required.

Nederman says the L-series offers low total cost of ownership due to low power consumption, minimum maintenance needs and extended filter lifetime. It can be either pre-assembled or built on-site, which may generate considerable savings on shipment cost.

The Nederman L-series is available in ATEX compliant configurations for safe handling of combustible dusts, as well as with a variety of ancillary components and equipment for configuring the dust collector and system to match the individual facility's operation and maintenance needs.