Bluewater Bio completes first stage commissioning in Bahrain

This completes the first stage of commissioning of the US$20 million landmark project, awarded by the Ministry of Works.

The project is being implemented in two stages to meet the client’s continuous treatment requirements with overall completion due in October 2013.

The original Tubli WPCC plant was designed for a capacity of 200 000 m3/d, but now receives in excess of 300 000 m3/d. The upgrade of the Tubli plant using HYBACS alleviates the overloading problem without the requirement for green-field construction.

Dr Jeremy Biddle, technical director of Bluewater Bio, said: “The HYBACS plant at Tubli WPCC is the largest of its type in the world. The first half of the HYBACS plant was commissioned at the beginning of June and, like any biological treatment process, it takes time to acclimatise and achieve full capacity. It is now nearing full capacity and performance has been excellent. The concentrations of ammonia and organic material in the treated water comfortably surpass the permitted concentrations for safe discharge into the sea, or for irrigation uses.”

Daniel Ishag, founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio, said: “This marks a major milestone in the company’s upward trajectory. To be spearheading such a prestigious project, that in the long run will not only address the overloading at the plant, but also make a major contribution to the environmental regeneration of the area, is very exciting for all involved. By October this year, we expect to be unveiling the full operation as a showpiece project to Bahrain, its neighbouring countries, and further afield.”