Belco Technologies partners with Lundberg on APC systems

The 10-year partnership applies to air pollution control systems and coke calciners for refining and petrochemical plants.

Under the new agreement, which extends to all parts of the world except China, Lundberg will exclusively offer its Geoenergy E-Tube Wet ESP technology as part of a Belco scrubbing system in the refining and petrochemical industries, while Belco will solely use the Lundberg E-Tube Wet ESP in its scrubbing systems for those sectors. Belco will act as prime contractor for projects with Lundberg as subcontractor.

“The partnership with Lundberg allows both of our companies to offer refineries and petrochemical plants air pollution control systems with proven, reliable technology, thereby leaving refiners and petrochemical plant operators free to focus on production instead of worrying about emissions control and compliance,” said Edward Hutter, applications manager, Belco. “This agreement is a sign of the faith and trust we have in each other’s technical capabilities and systems.”