Foster Wheeler completes Siemens Environmental Systems purchase

Siemens Environmental Systems and Services supplies and services clean air technologies for use in power plants and industrial facilities. The business includes the assets of the former Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Co based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Advanced Burner Technology Co located in Branchburg, New Jersey.

Foster Wheeler, which is currently integrating the acquired assets into its Global Power Group, now offers a comprehensive line of environmental equipment to complement its steam generator products. The company’s offering includes design, engineering, retrofit and service of a broad range of clean air technologies for power and industrial plants including wet and dry flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and particulate control (fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators), acid gas control, mercury control, NOx reduction and combustion optimisation systems.

“With environmental legislation becoming increasingly stringent around the world, we wanted to be in a better position to address these environmental challenges for our clients,” explained Gary Nedelka, CEO of Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group. “Foster Wheeler now offers a full array of solutions to meet both tightening environmental regulations and the growing demand for energy on a global basis.”

The deal was first announced in March.