Beer stabilization system offers flexibility for breweries

The CSS beer stabilisation system.
The CSS beer stabilisation system.

Albert Handtmann Armaturenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has optimised its beer Controlled Stabilization System (CSS). The new plant does not employ polyvinylpolypyrrolidon (PVPP). and instead uses a natural stabilization material which avoids the risk of any residues in the beer. As well as continuous beer stabilization, it is also possible to connect two separate filtration lines to one plant.  The CSS system is based on targeted adsorption of polyphenols by means of a natural stabilization material, the polysaccharide agarose. It is modified during a patented procedure and is included in the adsorber modules, the heart of the CSS plant. The stabilization material remains in the plant for several years and can be regenerated. 

Handtmann reports that the dosage-free system results in cost savings regarding waste disposal, logistics expenditure and purchase of material for polyphenol-based stabilization.

The Handtmann CSS enables 24 hour automatic beer stabilization, in just one or several beer filtration lines. The adsorber lines can be adjusted to the necessary hourly performance, while being operated alternately. Thus, one line is ready for the beer stabilization and the other line will be regenerated. If more than two filtration lines are installed in the plant, it is possible to stabilize different beer brands at the same time.

Instead of a PVPP filter, the CSS plant can be installed and integrated individually in any existing filtration process. The CSS reduces the polyphenols to the desired value of the brewery. They bind to the adsorber material and will only be removed during the regeneration. No substances of the adsorber material will be released to the beer and the beer quality will not be affected.