New beer filtration solution uses NX Filtration membranes

Bucher Denwel is applying NX Filtration’s microfiltration membranes in a new sustainable beer filtration solution that it is bringing to the market.

Image © Stanislav Loginov - Adobe Stock.

The new Bucher Denwel advanced beer membrane filtration solution ensures high-quality and consistent beer filtration, with a high filtrate yield without the use of traditional diatomaceous earth (DE) material. The solution is based on crossflow beer filtration with polymeric membranes, guaranteeing clear, yeast-free filtered beer with high flexibility for various beer types. The filters are designed for easy operation and seamless integration into the brewing process.

Ulrich Gans, head of technology and R&D at Bucher Denwel, said: “Our new beer membrane filtration solution, uses innovative cartridge system with NX Filtration membranes, guarantees high-quality filtered beer and stable flow rates, with a high filtrate yield and a flexible automation system.”

Gerard Ruiter, sales manager at NX Filtration, added: “This collaboration between NX Filtration and Bucher Denwel underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and reliable filtration solutions for the food & beverage industry. We are excited to contribute to the production of high-quality filtered beer in a sustainable way, based on our microfiltration membranes.”

Bucher Denwel, a subsidiary of Bucher Unipektin AG, specializes in processing solutions for the food and beverage industry. With its new beer membrane filtration solution, Bucher Denwel is adding an important new offering to its portfolio.