Awards for water purification system

The PURELAB flex system, made by ELGA LabWater, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) brand, has won two GOLD awards at the dba Design Effectiveness Awards, one for industrial product design and a second for materials innovations. The PURELAB Pulse has been nominated as the “Scientist Choice” by visitors of science website Select Sciences.

“The PURELAB flex is a great example of how both user consultation and the latest in industrial design can deliver award winning results,” said Steve Bryant, global product manager at ELGA.

The dba Design Effectiveness Awards, which were held on 17 February 2011, are the only awards that take the commercial success of products and services into account in the judging process. 

The ‘Scientists’ Choice Awards’ are the laboratory industry’s award to provide the online scientific community with a channel to celebrate new technologies. The awards were based on the results of an independent poll, where more than 20,000 international scientists from the Select Science online community voted for their favourite new products.