ASEAN debut for Lewabrane

These include the newest product line, the Lewabrane® membrane for reverse osmosis (RO), to complement its established Lewatit® ion exchange resins. The products, which will be produced at the new Bitterfeld, Germany production site that was opened in September 2011, consist of two RO element types with different capacities that are based on a three-layer composite membrane structure that is manufactured in several production stages. Lanxess says that its entrance into RO membrane technology means that it can be a single-source supplier for both separation technologies – reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins.Wolfgang Heuchel, vice-president of the APAC region, Ion Exchange Resins (ION) business unit of Lanxess, said: “Though home to 60% of the world’s population, Asia-Paci?c only has 36% of the world’s water resources. Water availability, allocation and more importantly the quality of drinking water remain major issues in several Asian countries. Treating wastewater for re-use is an essential consideration and Lanxess wants to contribute to this effort. This is where we see the Lewabrane and Lewatit as integrated water solution technologies that aid the creation of high-quality water.”Lanxess adds that both the Lewabrane and Lewatit product range offer the industry separation technologies for desalination and the production of high-quality water. Both water treatment processes complement each other perfectly, as the high treated water quality helps to prolong the service life of machinery such as turbines and steam generators via protection against fouling, scale formation and corrosion.