Andritz Separation claims reduction in power consumption of up to 40%

International technology group Andritz has launched a new series of decanter centrifuges for the environment industry, achieving up to 40% less power consumption, while maintaining throughput and efficiency.

The new series was developed at the company's Center of Competence in Châteauroux, France, to counter rising power costs and enable customers to obtain an attractive return on investment.

Its power-saving features are available on the new D5 to D10 decanters and benefit from a direct-drive gearbox for the scroll drive, which cuts power consumption by reducing frictional and electrical losses from pulleys, belts, motors, and variable-frequency drives.

Further advantages are the Andritz TurboJet weir plates (also available as retrofit for many decanters) and the High Hydraulic Pressure (HHP) decanter design to cut the power loss. The combined effect of these features accounts for up to 40% power savings claims the company, and therefore reducing operating costs and total cost of ownership.