ALSYS offers expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies

ALSYS, a new group headquartered in France, offers expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies.

Founding company CTI, headquartered in Salindres, France, was created in 1990 and is known for advanced ceramics and catalytic materials. Since 2010 the company has developed through several acquisitions:

  • 2010: Orelis – membrane technologies and filtration processes for industrial liquids;
  • 2013: EnerCat (formerly known as IRMA) – catalytic formulations and advanced materials solutions;
  • 2016: ClearBakk – turnkey fluid management and environmental solutions, from design and engineering to installation, commissioning and operating;
  • 2017: CeraMem® (acquired from Veolia Water Technologies) – membrane technologies for the oil and gas industry.

With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, ALSYS has 150 employees and an annual revenue of 30 million euros. The group is structured in three business units – Water & Membranes, Gas & Catalysis, and Specialty Materials – and will serve the water, oil and gas, chemical, energy and power, gas emissions control and food and animal feed markets.