Alfa Laval solution supports customers’ sustainability reporting in line with EU directives

Alfa Laval is introducing a Lifecycle Assessment Solution, a software tool that can provide input for the upcoming EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and address the EU Green Claims Directive.

The Lifecycle Assessment Solution will help Alfa Laval’s food and beverage customers to specify necessary data demonstrating their environmental impact and compliance with the coming directives.

The CSRD mandates companies to report their sustainability impacts and risks. Applicable to large EU organizations from 2024, CSRD ensures consistent and standardized measurements, promoting transparency in disclosing social and environmental initiatives.

The EU Green Claims Directive, on the other hand, demands authenticity in environmental marketing. Companies must verify green claims, aligning with consumer expectations for transparency. This directive sets clear guidelines for credible communication of eco-friendly initiatives in the EU, fostering trust and meeting the demand for genuine sustainability efforts. The Green Claims Directive is expected to enter into force in 2024 with a start-up period between 2024 to 2027.

To comply with these directives, companies and organizations must demonstrate supply chain transparency, requesting and reporting data from suppliers to verify due diligence in achieving sustainability goals.

The Alfa Laval Lifecycle Assessment Solution complying with ISO14040/44 enables food and beverage companies to support the directives and to navigate sustainability reporting and communication through comprehensive environmental monitoring, addressing climate impact, freshwater use, land management, and fossil fuel dependency, providing valuable environmental input in line with the directives.

"Alfa Laval's solution not only meets upcoming directives but also goes beyond, offering a reliable and comprehensive tool for businesses to reduce emissions from their processing lines,” said Nish Patel, president of Alfa Laval’s Food & Water Division. “Our customers will now be able to provide vital data to demonstrate their environmental impact, which will be essential for them to remain competitive in the food and beverage sector.”