Alfa Laval partnership to produce sustainable water and beverages

Alfa Laval has entered into a partner agreement with Wayout International, a Swedish innovation company, to develop micro-factories for the local and sustainable production of water and other beverages.

Wayout’s micro-factories can treat all types of water and remineralise it to produce high quality drinking water. The fully automated plug-and-play system is powered by solar panels.

Producing water locally addresses the challenges of bottling, logistics and distribution, and reduces the generation of plastic waste. One micro-factory can produce 70 000 litres of drinking water each month, preventing up to 200 000 plastic bottles and 8 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the eco system.

The partner agreement includes the production of two different micro-factories: one for drinking water and the other for brewed beverages.

The micro-factories, which will use Alfa Laval technology, will be built at the company’s site in Copenhagen, Denmark. The partnership starts in 2022 and covers the production of up to 100 micro-factories.

“This partnership combines Alfa Laval’s technological expertise with Wayout’s innovative processes to accelerate sustainable solutions,” says Nish Patel, president of Alfa Laval’s Food & Water Division. “It addresses a globally important issue – access to safe drinking water – and we are very pleased our technology is part of the solution.”

Wayout was founded in Stockholm in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs within process engineering, IT/IoT and tech innovation.