Alfa Laval partners with Bühler on insect plant solutions

Alfa Laval has entered into a partner agreement with Bühler Insect Technology Solutions, a provider of integrated solutions for insect rearing and processing, to offer modular insect plant solutions to the emerging and growing insect industry.

Alfa Laval and Bühler Insect Technology Solutions have been cooperating since early 2018 and jointly developed tailored solutions for heat transfer, solid and lipid separation, and fluid handling for modular insect plant solutions.

Through this new exclusive partner agreement, Alfa Laval and Bühler Insect Technology Solutions will provide solutions to enable small facilities to scale-up to efficient, integrated protein production plants for insect proteins for further use as animal feed.

The two companies will also cooperate on further research & development, marketing and after-sales services.

“We are looking forward to bringing our expertise from other applications to this dynamic new market,” said Nish Patel, president of Alfa Laval’s Food & Water Division. “The collaboration with Bühler allows us to combine our proven technology with a complete, integrated solution – and serve the customers better than either of us could do on our own.”

Andreas Aepli, CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions said: “In Alfa Laval we are proud to have found a partner who shares our approach and vision in this exciting new industry. We are convinced that insects will play an important role in making our food system more sustainable.”