Air and gas filters for food processing

The LifeASSURE PFC filters feature a single-layer ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) membrane, which offer more reliable micro-organism retention and higher airflow performance.

The membrane is validated by liquid bacteria challenge, and has demonstrated complete aerosol retention of the bacteriophage ΦX-174. The hydrophobic nature of ECTFE helps ensure continuously high airflow and low pressure drop by preventing blockage due to moisture and the polypropylene flow-enhancing layers can improve efficiency. 

The membrane is contained in a Single Open-End (SOE) filter cartridge capable of withstanding multiple exposures to autoclave or steam cycles. 

Quality and safety

3M's LifeASSURE PFC series is suitable for sterile filtration or use in small and economical vent filter assemblies. Typical filtration applications include filtering process air as well as use in large-scale fermentation air inlet and exhaust systems, or blow, fill and seal machines. Venting applications include venting tanks, lyophilizers and autoclaves.

The filters meet quality and safety specifications such as 21 CFR Materials of Construction, USP Biological Safety Test, Validation Guide and Drug Master File Listing.