AFS Oil, Gas and Chemicals Filtration & Separations Conference and Expo

In the ever increasing demand for energy and hydrocarbon-based products, process separation plays a critical role in enabling operations to run at higher capacities with low operational cost and reduced environmental impact. This conference will gather presentations on a variety of separation methods available to the industry; from filters and coalescers to membranes and cyclones, and many more. The AFS encourages anyone involved in the oil and gas or chemical processing industry to attend. The conference will include not only talks on technologies, but also on key subject areas such as, filtration, coalescing, produced water treatment and natural gas processing as well as a variety of other relative topics. The conference and expo will focus on both mechanical and chemical means to promote process separations. The conference will be preceded by specialized training courses and accompanied by industry leading experts as plenary speakers and technical session presenters.

This year the conference will also feature a Q & A session, student and academics poster completion, and a unique initiative in the form of presentations related to the latest technological innovations in the field.