Performance analysis of multi-effect tubular solar desalination devices

A Chinese research group has designed and constructed a set of multi-effect tubular desalination devices which can be driven by solar or waste energy.

The performance of the devices in single-, two- and three-effect systems was individually tested and analysed under the conditions of fixed heating power and controlled heating temperature. The research also calculated and analysed the hourly yield and temperature value of every measured point inside the device.

In addition, the performance ratio of the devices was investigated in a variety of different situations. The productive rate was also tested when the devices were exposed to negative pressure conditions.

The experimental curves under different pressures indicate that the performance ratio of the two-effect and three-effect devices working under environmental pressure reached about 1.4 and 1.7, respectively, under conditions of fixed heating power.

The yield of the devices under negative pressure was enhanced, in general, when the fixed heating power was 300 W, and the yield reached about 20.08 kg/(m2d).

These results indicate that the devices exhibit excellent prospects for cost-effective desalination applications.

Desalination, Volume 311, 15 February 2013, Pages 62–68.