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Must-see filter technology exhibitors at ACHEMA 2024

ACHEMA will once again unite the process industries in Frankfurt, Germany from 10–14 June 2024.

With manufacturers and service providers from more than 50 countries and attendees from around 130 countries, ACHEMA is the world’s leading show for chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology.

Here, Filtration+Separation puts a spotlight on three of the key filter technologies being showcased at this year’s event.



Hall 5.0, Booth D29

A modular filter element. -

Founded in 1953, the Paco Group has developed from a classic metal weaving factory into one of the most powerful suppliers of metal filter media and finished products – all “Made in Germany”. Together with Heta Verfahrenstechnik, a member of the Paco Group and a globally operating engineering specialist and manufacturer of complete, highly specialized systems for demanding filtration and separation solutions, Paco has grown to be the only manufacturer in Germany that offers weaving, filtration and process technology from a single source. As a quality and innovation leader in many fields of filtration and separation, Paco looks forward to presenting its latest innovations at ACHEMA 2024. With its new modular filter elements, most of a filter candle can now be reused after cleaning, which not only conserves resources but also saves costs. Another highlight in Paco’s product portfolio is the Paco star filter with pleated metal wire cloths increasing the filtering surface for applications such as drying processes in fluidized bed dryers. This represents an economical and sustainable alternative to conventional textile filters due to its larger filter surface and longer service life as well as easier cleanability and can also be used as CIP (Cleaning in Place) elements.

Of course, hydrogen will also be one of Paco’s focus topics at ACHEMA. As a supplier of metal wire cloths for electrolyzers and fuel cells, Paco offers visitors the opportunity to demonstrate the use of its metal wire cloths on a real model.



Hall 5.0, Booth D57

Lenzing Filtration’s wide product range. -

The innovative spirit of Lenzing Filtration’s solidliquid filtration systems shows in several filed patent applications such as its precoat and cake building system CakeFil. The technology assures real process automation without interruption periods or any manual operation. At ACHEMA 2024, in addition to this game-changing filtration solution, Lenzing Filtration is also showcasing its well-known and reliable backwash filtration systems for the finest filtration of fluids like water, chemicals and viscose media, namely OptiFil or AutoLine systems, as well as its wide disposable filtration range with its CoreLine.

Visit Lenzing Filtration at ACHEMA 2024 to learn more about the highest backwash efficiency at the lowest losses.



Hall 5.0, Booth B86

Filtration of microplastic with RPD-Hiflo-S. A view from below - Image © Haver & Boecker.

Due to the need for responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, high-quality water treatment is becoming increasingly important. Filters for water treatment must meet specific requirements. These include high flow capacity, precise cut point and stability, corrosion and temperature resistance, high dirt holding capacity and cleanability, recycling capability as well as sustainability.

The three dimensional high-performance metal filter cloth Minimesh RPD Hiflo-S opens up new dimensions for filtration, where conventional filter cloths have reached their limits. The open surface over an area is significantly increased due to the weaving structure. The medium‘s flow-through rate can be doubled when compared to conventional filter cloth with the same pore size, for example the Minimesh DTW-S. In addition, the flow conditions are optimized and turbulence around the filter cloth is effectively avoided. The pore size within a batch can be calibrated as desired from 5 μm to 40 μm.

The new filter cloth can be manufactured from standard diameter wires. Therefore it is now possible to weave special materials such as Avesta, Hastelloy, Inconel or titanium in the small pore size range. Thus for the first time RPD Hiflo-S offers a corrosion and temperature resistant filter cloth with pore sizes below 40 μm. The depth structure of RPD HIFLO-S offers a high separation effect without rapid blinding. Dirt holding capacity and cleaning capability have proven to be excellent.


This article first appeared in the March 2024 issue of Filtration+Separation magazine. To read the full issue, click here