Trojan Technologies’ UV system will be sized to treat 1,200 million litres (317 million gallons) of water per day. Metro Vancouver had specific requirements for this project, all of which were met by Trojan’s winning bid. These included: An energy-efficient solution with the smallest environmental footprint; reduced carbon emissions; an easy-maintenance system with low lamp count and the best possible lamp-cleaning system; and flexibility to install the equipment in a vertical piping network

Marvin DeVries, president of Trojan Technologies said: “We are excited and honoured to have been selected by Metro Vancouver, and look forward to helping them continue to deliver safe, clean drinking water to their residents. Our TrojanUVTorrent is ideally suited for this application in many respects – technically, commercially and socially. We truly believe that Metro Vancouver has selected the most advanced and most sustainable UV drinking water disinfection technology in the world.”