Simulation of gas flow and filter loading in a filter plant with filter bags.
Simulation of gas flow and filter loading in a filter plant with filter bags.

The utilised modelling is based on the so-called Euler-Lagrange approach, which takes account of the continuous flow and the dispersed solid particles. In the simulation tool, especially the reaction of the particles on the filter is considered, e.g. the continuous shift of the flow into zones with lower resistance.

The employed modelling covers a broad spectrum of application cases. The particles can have different sizes (considering size distributions) and diverging trajectories from the continuous flow (e.g. due to its inertia, turbulent dispersion, gravity or other forces).

The continuous phase of the transfer medium can be a gas or a liquid. Both single filters and a multitude of filters with different features (as e.g. different resistance characteristics) can be simulated.

Using the filter simulation tools in the development, the engineer gets a detail view inside the filter loading process in complex arrangements and can optimise the inflow or the filter itself to realise longer life cycles of the filter, reduced pressure losses (resulting in lower operation costs) or a more effective utilisation of filter material.

These models were verified by DHCAE Tools for typical cases of particle separation at filters in literature and by measuring the shift of the carrying gas depending on the loading in real filter plants. Due to the generalised model approach, they can be used for different kinds of filter applications, e.g. filters where the fluid is liquid or gaseous.