Before joining Desalitech, Dr Stover served as vice president of Oasys Water where he developed forward osmosis systems, and as chief technical officer and SVP of marketing for Energy Recovery Inc where he was responsible for technical and commercial development of the ERI Pressure Exchanger energy recovery device.

Desalitech’s patented CCD technology lowers the average pressure required for reverse osmosis (RO), and achieves significant operating cost and capital cost savings.
“The energy savings that can be achieved with the CCD process is the greatest advance since the advent of energy recovery devices for conventional seawater RO systems,” said Dr Stover. “Desalitech’s technology lowers the basic osmotic pressure barrier in a novel and elegant way while achieving additional important advantages benefiting plant performance and production costs. The CCD process has the potential to fundamentally change the way engineers and practitioners think about desalination and I am very excited to be part of this revolution.”