Colorado medical marijuana centre to utilise Desalitech water treatment solution

Kind Love, a US-state licensed medical marijuana centre – which manufactured infused products (MIP) and optional premises cultivation company in Denver, Colorado – will improve the operational efficiency and environmental sustainability of its growing operations by installing a Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD) reverse osmosis (RO) system.

The CCD system, which will produce up to 22,000 gallons of purified water per day, is being supplied by Desalitech, a provider of high-efficiency water production and wastewater treatment solutions.Desalitech's system will remove any impurities or residuals in the municipal water source to create a pure water base before the addition of nutrients to the hydroponic operation’s irrigation water supply. The system will also be fed with “tile” or drainage water from the operation, enabling the facility to recover 97% of its waste water, reducing new water demand and saving disposal fees.

“Desalitech’s CCD system will produce high quality purified water for our production facility while reducing our water footprint and energy consumption,'' said Michael Williamson, Kind Love’s chief operations officer. ''Beyond this system being a smart business decision with an ROI in just 15 months, it is a huge step towards one of our ultimate company goals, which is to reduce our carbon footprint. Kind Love is committed to growing safe medical grade cannabis based products for our patients through sustainable business practices.”

Among the advantages of Desalitech’s’ water treatment solution is greater water use efficiency, with water recovery rates of 93% or higher, compared to the typical 75% recovery rates of conventional RO systems. Furthermore, CCD systems consume 20% less energy, providing in additional cost savings.

“A reliable and sustainable water source is essential for any farm, and Desalitech’s system is guaranteed to sustain Kind Love’s operations around-the-clock with a level of performance that sets a new standard for water reuse and energy efficiency,” said Desalitech executive vice president Rick Stover. “CCD is a scalable solution that is meeting the water demands of a variety of agricultural operations around the world, indoors and out.”

Kind Love has become an industry leader through merging science, cutting-edge technology and proven horticulture techniques in producing and developing high-grade safe cannabis based medicines. Kind Love’s currently maintains and cultivates 2,000 plants on perpetual and consistent basis. All plants are grown hydroponically in state-licensed warehouses and are tracked “from seed to sale” in a POS system. The company’s new optional premises cultivation is a 24-hour a day operating facility that will house 10,000 plants and create 150 new jobs in Colorado.