Xylem unveils oxidation-enhanced biologically active filtration system for drinking water.

Xylem has unveiled a new drinking water treatment solution that removes the most challenging contaminants, including ‘contaminants of emerging concern’ (CECs), at ACE 15, the American Water Works Association annual conference and exposition, taking place at Anaheim, California, June 7-10.

Xylem’s Leopold Oxelia is a multi-barrier solution; an oxidation-enhanced, biologically active filtration system that enables the production of a safe and reliable supply of clear and biologically-stable, treated water with no taste or odour issues.

“Leopold Oxelia’s oxidation step can include ozone, ozone-based Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) or ultraviolet (UV)-based AOP,” explained Tony Callery, product manager for Xylem. “For example, if water sources experience pollution with taste and odour compounds and other micro pollutants such as pesticides and pharmaceutical residues all year round, ozone-based AOP should be considered.

“However, if the water source experiences seasonal contamination with taste and odour compounds and a high disinfection level is required, UV-based AOP should be used. Leopold Oxelia offers the flexibility to deal efficiently and effectively with a range of different treatment requirements, producing drinking water with high biostability. Higher biostability reduces chlorine demand in the distribution system and disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes or chloramines.”

Booth #1401 at ACE.