Xylem’s interactive game at Georgia Aquarium highlights water filtration and reuse

Xylem has provided an interactive Clean Water Challenge game at Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Voyager exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia, USA to illustrate the importance of sand filtration and water reuse technology for ocean animals.

Xylem’s interactive game at Georgia Aquarium.
Xylem’s interactive game at Georgia Aquarium. - Photo: Business Wire.

As visitors check out the whale sharks’ 6.3-million-gallon home, they’ll also learn about the essential sand filtration and water reuse technology at the aquarium through the Clean Water Challenge game.

Following a series of on-screen prompts, visitors must repair a virtual exhibit to save whale sharks, manta rays and hundreds of fish. Participants build the proper filtration system to achieve optimal water quality levels. Visitors will learn how sand filtration is safe for the animals and provides a level of water quality closest to their natural habitat.

Xylem’s Neptune Benson sand filters used in the exhibits provide critical filtration to remove particulates from the water, establish a healthy balance of bacteria and create a safe habitat for more than 40 species. Water is continuously recirculated through the sand filters in each of the exhibits, allowing Georgia Aquarium to reduce its overall water consumption and reuse the majority of the 11 million gallons of water found in the facility.

“We seek to educate and engage our visitors using various experiences that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the animals in our care,” said Hiroshi Okuda, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing & Corporate Partnerships at Georgia Aquarium. “Our relationship with Xylem and the Clean Water Challenge game enables us to teach our patrons about how clean, sustainable water is an essential part of our animal care.”

“The Clean Water Challenge game provides a fun, interactive way to inform visitors about the direct impact water quality and filtration have on aquatic life in an aquarium environment,” said Scott Holzborn, Vice President and General Manager of the Disinfection and Aquatics Division at Xylem. “The water filtration ecosystem is central to the animals’ well-being and we are excited to team up with Georgia Aquarium to help educate people about reducing the impact on water the world’s most valuable resource.”

Georgia Aquarium is a nonprofit scientific institution. The facility conducts crucial research by working with animals, both in the aquarium and in their natural habitats, to develop new standards of care and veterinary practices.