Xylem publishes third annual sustainability report

In 2013, Xylem developed a strategic framework to formalize its commitment to sustainability. The new framework is aligned with the company’s overarching business objectives, and focuses on four key areas – innovation and product efficiency, environmental performance, corporate reputation and employee engagement.

“Our internal efforts extend beyond water and energy to every aspect of sustainability, from workplace safety and corporate governance to product responsibility and employee development,” said Chris McIntire, Xylem’s sustainability champion and president of Xylem’s Analytics and Treatment businesses. “We are still at the beginning of our journey and we are dedicated to making continuous progress as a leader in the water industry. We are committed to build world-class products and sustainable solutions to protect and preserve the environment and to strengthen the communities where Xylem works around the world.”

“We are positioned to deal with one of the world’s most pressing issues – responsible stewardship of our shared water resources – on a daily basis. Our proximity to this challenge informs our sustainability strategy and drives us to move with speed to become a more sustainable company,” said Patrick Decker, president and CEO of Xylem.