Xylem honoured by WateReuse

Xylem was recognised at the WateReuse Research Foundation’s 19th Annual Water Reuse & Desalination Research Conference for its commitment to water reuse research and developing innovative water reuse solutions.

“Xylem is committed to providing solutions that help address the world's most challenging water issues,” said Keel Robinson, North America Marketing & Business Development Manager for Xylem.

“The innovative use of technologies along with smart policy and strong political will are needed to realise these solutions. Water reuse is one step in building a pathway to a secure water future. We know that water reuse technologies exist today, which safely and reliably reclaim wastewater for beneficial purposes. We look forward to continuing to partner with other innovators and customers to advance the implementation of water reuse and to help build a better understanding of its role in solving water scarcity.”

Xylem’s advanced treatment technologies are demonstrating that wastewater can be purified well beyond drinking water standards and reused safely and economically for both potable and non-potable purposes. The Company’s water reuse technology is being used at wastewater treatment sites around the world.

“WateReuse is proud to honour and recognise Xylem for its leadership and support,” said Melissa Meeker, Executive Director of the WateReuse Research Foundation. “The partnership between Xylem and the WateReuse Research Foundation is developing tools and resources to help build a secure water future.”