Weller launches low-noise fume extraction unit

 Weller’s Zero Smog TL fume extraction unit..

The unit has an extra large HEPA H13 filter surface to ensure low-noise gas and particle extraction. It has a maintenance-free and brushless EC blower which guarantees an extraction volume of 190 m3/h and a strong vacuum of 3000 Pa. The unit runs quietly and the automatic filter monitoring system and the audiovisual filter alarm alert the user in plenty of time when a filter change is due. The filter can be changed quickly and easily.

The extra large filter surface gives the HEPA H13 filter a long service life, guaranteeing a high level of particle filtering. The F7 pre-filter also increases the service life for applications with a high flux content or volumes of fine dust. In addition, the extraction power and/or the volume flow of the Zero Smog TL can be variably adjusted depending on the application requirements and the number of workplaces. The activated carbon filter provides effective gas cleaning.

 Weller’s Zero Smog TL fume extraction unit.