Waterloo Filtration Institute and The Filtration Society collaborate to bring more young people into the industry

The Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) and The Filtration Society (TFS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to drive innovation, knowledge dissemination and growth within the global filtration and separation industry.

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The collaboration will focus on initiatives that bring students and young professionals into the field of filtration and separation, facilitating training and skill development essential for the industry's growth.

As the world faces major challenges with climate change, population growth and sustainability, people will require cleaner air and water to live. Many of the solutions that will be needed have yet to be invented and developed. For this to occur WFI and TFS say many more scientists and engineers need to be encouraged to enter the field of filtration and separation and understand the specialist knowledge required to build businesses and solutions of the future.

TFS and WFI have joined forces with the aim of bridging this gap by making it possible for more students and younger people to enter the world of filtration and separation with the training required for them to grow and develop in the subject.

TFS will provide annual bursaries, funding and training for young people to develop specialist skills on certified WFI courses in areas such as sustainability, the circular economy, new advanced materials for solutions towards cleaner gasses and liquids of the future. The first of these students and younger people will be sponsored to join the WFI annual conference on 5–6 December 2023 (WFI 2023) to help learn from leading experts across the world about some of the challenges and many of the potential solutions.

Commenting on the agreement, Richard Lydon, secretary general of TFS, said: “In order to tackle some of the major global challenges in sustainability, we will need to train, develop and encourage many more engineers, scientists and business leaders into the specialist areas of filtration and separation and develop these into future business collaborators and influencers."

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with The Filtration Society," said Dr Christine Sun, president of WFI. "This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to advance filtration technologies for a sustainable world, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact this collaboration will have on young professionals entering our industry."

MoU signature ceremony from left: Richard Lydon, Secretary General of TFS, Julian Whitehead, Chair of TFS, Dr Christine Sun, President of WFI, Dr Iyad Al-Attar, Strategic Director of WFI. -


Canada’s Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to propelling the filtration and separation industry towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future.

The Filtration Society, which was formed in London in 1964, is a charitable, non-profit organization established to advance knowledge in the design and use of filtration and separation processes in industry, commerce, teaching and other walks of life.