Waterise and Jordan Phosphate Mines partner on deep sea desalination project

Phosphate producer Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) has announced a strategic partnership with Waterise, a Norwegian start-up specialising in deep sea environmentally friendly desalination.

The Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan
The Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan - Image © Viacheslav - Adobe Stock.

Together, the two companies will work on a deep sea desalination project in the Gulf of Aqaba to meet the increasing water demand at JPMC’s facilities. The two parties are currently working to secure the water off-take arrangements and other pertinent details before executing the definitive agreements.

This landmark collaboration aims to leverage Waterise’s state-of-the-art desalination solution to sustainably support JPMC's water needs, contributing to the company’s operational efficiency and environmental sustainability goals.

"We are thrilled to partner with JPMC on this groundbreaking project," said Niels Petter Wright, CEO of Waterise. "Our deep sea desalination solution based on world class oil and gas technology and marine operations represents a significant advancement in sustainable water production, and we are confident that it will provide a reliable and environmentally friendly local water supply for JPMC’s critical operations in the Gulf of Aqaba."

Waterise has developed a deep sea desalination solution combining proven oil and gas technologies, marine operations and reverse osmosis membranes, that offers a sustainable and efficient approach to addressing global water scarcity.