Wartsila and Trojan Marinex develop ballast water treatment system

The BWT 500i system from Wartsila and Trojan Marinex has a compact design, making it easy to install and suitable for most vessels. The system treats the ballast water via a two-step process, first by filtering out larger organisms and particles, and then by UV disinfection. The UV irradiation either kills the remaining organisms, or renders them incapable of reproduction. Each unit is capable of treating 500 m³ ballast water per hour, with the possibility to install several units in parallel for higher flow rates.

Vesa Marttinen, director of Wärtsilä's Environmental Services unit, said: “Easy installation and a small profile are crucial for the retrofit market, and have been central to our design process from the outset. We have done extensive pre-testing and have worked in close co-operation with our customers in order to meet the key requirements. With this product launch, we are confident that the Wärtsilä BWT 500i meets all regulatory and operational criteria very well.”

Delivery of the first systems is expected to commence during the second quarter of 2011.