Wabag wins €7.7 million Turkish contract

VA Tech Wabag has already completed major contracts in Izmir, Adana and Kayseri.

The plant will have a capacity of around 86,000 PE and start-up will commence in June 2013. The project will be jointly financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. Wabag will be responsible for the design, engineering and supply of electro-mechanical equipment, installation and construction.

The treatment plant will handle and dispose of 17,040 m3/d of municipal wastewater from the district of Siverek, which is located in south-eastern Turkey near the city of Urfa. The treatment scheme consists of mechanical and biological treatment using the activated sludge process with subsequent anaerobic sludge treatment and dewatering. During anaerobic stabilisation, the sludge will be fermented in bioreactors and the flammable gas thus released will then flow into a cogeneration plant, while the waste heat will be employed for the heating of the bioreactors. This means that the plant can produce a sizable percentage of its energy requirements itself, helping reduce operating costs and saving energy.

The contract covers the realisation of Stage I of the plant for some 86,000 PE, and the design also accounts for the extension to 110,500 PE and capacity of around 20,000 m3/d foreseen in Stage II.

“We have created a competent and committed team at the Istanbul location and we are certain that the know-how and experience of the WABAG experts will to become the object of increasing demand in Turkey, in order to secure water supplies and wastewater treatment in the municipal and industrial areas using the innovative and sustainable solutions that we offer,” said Erik Göthlin, the WABAG Austria CEO, and Mahmut Gedek, Managing Director WABAG Istanbul.