Swiss wastewater treatment plant selects Wabag technology

WABAG is to replace the current biodisc reactor technology with a modern MARAPUR membrane bioreactor system. The combination of activated sludge biology and ultrafiltration is able to cope with seasonal fluctuations while securing all-year nitrification.

In the tourism off-season, the treatment plant handles the municipal wastewater from 3000 local inhabitants. However, during the winter ski season, the population can increase to around 12 500.

The WABAG contract covers the design, engineering, delivery, installation and start-up of the electromechanical equipment and measurement systems for the membrane technology including the upstream fine sieves. WABAG will also be responsible for the disassembly of the old plant machinery.

The conversion work will take place during full plant operation in two stages with start-up in 2017 and 2018.