Veolia launches energy-efficient anaerobic MBR

Memthane combines Biothane’s anaerobic biological wastewater treatment and Pentair X-Flow’s ultrafiltration (UF) membrane separation process. The new technology offers reduced disposal costs while generating valuable biogas.

Influent is fed to the anaerobic bioreactor where the organic components are converted into energy-rich biogas. The anaerobic effluent is then processed through the UF membrane unit, separating the ‘clean’ permeate from the biomass. The biomass is returned to the bioreactor, while the ultra-clean filtrate is discharged as particle-free, low BOD/COD effluent, often at levels low enough for direct discharge to the sewer.

Veolia says that Memthane opens the door to treatment of high-strength and high-solid streams found in industries like distilleries, dairies, bio-ethanol producers, instant coffee plants etc.