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US ethanol producer to install Whitefox ICE membrane dehydration system

Ethanol producer Glacial Lakes Energy LLC has agreed to install a Whitefox ICE membrane dehydration system at its ethanol plant in Mina, South Dakota, USA.

The installation will help Glacial Lakes to increase its production capacity and reduce natural gas consumption.

The Whitefox ICE system treats existing recycle streams to free up and debottleneck distillation-dehydration capacity, enabling Glacial Lakes to lower natural gas use, cut carbon emissions, improve plant cooling, and increase potential production capacity (depending on the system design). Whitefox ICE is integrated into existing corn ethanol production plants with minimal disruption and a small footprint.

Pat Hogan, Director of Operations for Glacial Lakes Energy, said: “As well as reducing energy input into our process, the Whitefox ICE system will allow us to debottleneck our distillation system to allow for an additional 8 million gallons per year of ethanol production.”

“In Glacial Lakes we see a committed producer promoting the development of E30 fuel grade ethanol in the US market,” said Tony Short, Head of Global Sales at Whitefox. “We are committed to assisting Glacial Lakes in fulfilling their strategic objectives by installing Whitefox ICE membrane dehydration system that can increase capacity while improving the energy efficiency of its Mina, SD plant.”

This is Whitefox Technologies’ second ICE project in South Dakota.